DEPRECATED: A number of plugins for making it easier to work with Gradle and Adobe CQ/AEM
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This project has been split apart and active development has moved to:


This contains a number of plugins for making it easier to work with Gradle and Adobe CQ/AEM.


buildscript {
    repositories {
        maven {
            url ""

    dependencies {
        classpath "com.twcable.gradle:cq-gradle-plugins:3.0.2"

Built against Gradle 2.2.1



CQ Package Plugin

See the CQ Package Plugin documentation

SCR Plugin


apply plugin: 'scr'

Applying the plugin implicitly applies the osgi plugin and adds a dependency from the jar task upon processScrAnnotations.


  • processScrAnnotations - Processes the x-doclet style and @SCR annotations to create the appropriate OSGi metadata for OSGi Declarative Services.

Sling Bundle Plugin


apply plugin: 'sling-bundle'


  • uploadBundle - Uploads the bundle to the CQ server. The task will fail if the bundle fails to start.
  • deleteBundle - Removes the current bundle from CQ. This task will not fail if the bundle does not exist.
  • refreshAllBundles - Tells CQ to refresh all the bundles. This gets added to the top-level project and generally a good idea to run after any of the other tasks.
  • showBundle - Shows a JSON representation of the information CQ has about the bundle, including its status, what bundles it is using, and what bundles are using it to STDOUT.


Convention: slingServers

Creates the slingServers convention object. See the "CQ Package Plugin" for details.

Convention: bundle

By default, the plugin is initialized with the following effective configuration:

bundle.with {
  name =
  symbolicName = // computed from and
  installPath =
  sourceFile = project.jar.archivePath
  slingServers = project.slingServers

bundle also has a felixId property that the plugin tries to determine dynamically from the server based on the bundle's symbolic name.


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