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@chadlwilson chadlwilson released this Oct 11, 2020

Quality of Life

  • Reduced noisy logging on the server when the plugin is being invoked by GoCD


  • Minor version bumps to dependencies

Changelog v2.1.0-78..46996b7

46996b7 - Improve documentation on how to construct path expressions and what is possible using pathspec.
b572bad - Clarify README on support for secrets and encrypted variables in YAML config
2f2863c - Minor bumps to supporting tooling versions for asdf users
e6ff53a - Reduce amount of noisy logging from the plugin for every material check.
772eb3b - Bump mockito to 3.5.13
f289e17 - Bump gradle to 6.6.1
f8c2aeb - Bump commons-lang to 3.11
35962eb - Bump gradle-versions-plugin to 0.33.0
2737209 - Shorten links for readability
6dcbb1f - Clarify lack of support for a couple of features available with the built-in Git material
d953194 - Clarify the release instructions

SHA256 Checksums

a99d6cd4a77e203635bf485de414cfbfb532d8d3967f3ca61e8c09fcf77a9566 *gocd-git-path-material-plugin-2.1.0-89.jar
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@chadlwilson chadlwilson released this May 10, 2020

v2 of the plugin is a major overhaul of the plugin adding support for a number of major features that improve performance and flexibility and seek to make it closer to a drop-in replacement for the off-the-shelf Git material packaged with GoCD.


  • Plugin ID changed to be more idiomatic; so this 2.1.0+ version will show up as a separate plugin in GoCD and requires migration to use it. See the README for how to migrate.
  • The plugin now prefers the use of the git command line client if it is available on both server and agent. Previously the plugin only supported JGit, a Java-native git implementation. Although this should not introduce regressions; there may be differences in behaviour/leniency between the two implementations.
  • Only builds/targets Java9+ from now on.
  • Requires GoCD 18.10.0+; although several pipelines-as-code features are not supported except on GoCD 19.2.0+


  • effectively deprecates use of JGit; preferring the git command line if it is available on agents. This is effectively how GoCD ships out-of-the-box in 2019+ (and maybe earlier). (#15). This improves performance, predictability and support for various git features.
  • improves support for monitoring multiple paths, comma-delimited (#13)
  • implements plugin-side support for shallow clones (#22)
  • processes server-side requests using --no-checkout clones for improved performance (#23)
  • removes the requirement for repo URLs to be suffixed with .git (#14)
    • also allows plugin to work with AWS CodeCommit & TFS

Quality of Life

  • Adds clarifying notes to the UI for configuring the material (see the README screenshots)
  • VSM material nodes now appear with the regular Git material logo (see the README screenshots)
  • Documents use with modern versions of the GoCD YAML plugin


  • Adds LICENSE. Much of the original code was originally lift+shifted from GoCD server; which is Apache 2 licensed.
  • Makes code a little more idiomatic/simpler on Java9+
  • Gradle and dependencies bumped to latest and rationalized
  • Switch to the Gradle GoCD plugin helper for releases; similar to most official plugins

Changelog 1.2.3..3a57d22

042d5ba - Remove releasegate.release plugin; replaced by
54b85ce - Bump Gradle verison to 6.4
7b50a56 - Fix link to gocd-git-path-sample pipeline config
7af9814 - Update README to reflect updates to plugin
2bb7e7c - Bump dependencies to latest versions
f3e8854 - Improve errors returned by plugin to GoCD
ed20ca0 - Change URL validation to not require .git suffix
d0251e8 - Remove lombok - no longer needed.
6f50eee - Add support for shallow clones on agent builds
f782491 - Allow paths to be empty, trim whitespace and remove empty entries
cd40d84 - Port over improvements from core GoCD codebase for server-side clones
e24164e - Return the logs from the Git Helper back to the GoCD server
bdd25ac - Use standard Gradle GoCD plugin helper to release plugin; decreasing Java requirement to JDK9 to match other plugins
0a681c2 - Bring in support for command-line git by switching to the git-cmd project library which supports both JGit and Git command line; currently supported by @ashwanthkumar.
49656a7 - Add LICENSE - as Apache 2.0
f247313 - Change the plugin ID to look more canonical in GoCD YAML config
6f54903 - Reduce unnecessary (and potentially insecure) logging from plugin
7e83b41 - Upgrade dependencies and fix tests + minor code style issues on JDK11
79cb683 - Change docker-compose to start latest GoCD version and install the plugin
43ad6ca - Upgrade Gradle version to 6.3
d60727d - Update
358c0f1 - Added screenshots of new version in (#20)
a211b77 - Fix gradle 6.0 warning
092800f - Upgrade to openjdk11
cb197b9 - Build only on openjdk8
46fa098 - Use GoCD latest version in dev environment
344a1e9 - Use version number from environment variable to keep build version and docker-compose in sync
b8e4a80 - Add travis ci build script

SHA256 Checksums

06be646e37a5d20b50c6f40ab50cf2d25c0056c5d6a672be4493e06545d9fcdf *gocd-git-path-material-plugin-2.1.0-78.jar
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@jskswamy jskswamy released this Jan 23, 2017 · 55 commits to master since this release

Removing git gc when cloning and fetch, to avoid cpu overheads
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@jskswamy jskswamy released this Jan 21, 2017 · 59 commits to master since this release

  • Support valid domain names for git endpoint url
  • Fix JGit debug log
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@jskswamy jskswamy released this Oct 24, 2016 · 62 commits to master since this release

Fixes bug which prevent checkout of material to fail which got introduced in 1.2 build.

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@jskswamy jskswamy released this Oct 24, 2016 · 65 commits to master since this release

Graceful handling of git error by showing root cause message in-case of failure as suppose to error response with null message

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@jskswamy jskswamy released this Oct 21, 2016 · 67 commits to master since this release

Adding ability to specify multiple path separated by comma

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@siliconsenthil siliconsenthil released this Oct 19, 2016 · 72 commits to master since this release

[Gradle Release Plugin] - creating tag:  '1.0'.
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