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Rich Contact Widget

This contact widget for WordPress comes with enhanced markup for microdatas & microformats, so that search engines can use it in their search results. They can help display contact informations about your business or yourself below your website in search results, and even a map with your location.

The telephone & email are linked so that visitors can click on it and make a call (through mobile or skype) or send a mail from their computer or their mobile devices.

You can also display a static image map of your location, linking to the address' Google Maps page, and display a download link for a vCard.

More informations on microdatas microformats can be found here :

Feedbacks and suggestions for improvement are greatly appreciated !

Rich Contact Widget requires PHP5 to work !


  1. Upload the rich-contact-widget directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the Appearance -> Plugins menu in WordPress
  3. Go to the Widgets sub-section and add the Rich Contact Widget in the required sidebar
  4. Fill the fields to add your contact information
  5. Save

Frequently Asked Questions

How to change the output using the filters ?

  • You can add or remove fields in the contact widget output and widget form with the rc_widget_keys, rc_widget_form_ouput and rc_widget_output filters.
  • You can add more types of the schema.org itemtype to better fit your business with the rc_schema_types filter.



  • Link to Google Maps opens in a new tab/window


  • Fix link to Google Maps when the map is displayed


  • Bugfix : the coordinates in the KML file were in the wrong order


  • Bugfix : the KML file didn't have the corresponding coordinates when an address was filled. Replaced custom code with native wp_remote_get() function


  • Compatibility test with WP 3.9 widget customizer
  • Small fixes


  • Added German translation (Thanks to Patrick Niemann)


  • The plugin now creates a kml file and an associated sitemap file
  • If you have WordPress SEO by Yoast installed, it will add the sitemap to the sitemap index created by the plugin



  • bugfix : added defaults values if width and height fields for the map are empty or the values are above 640
  • changed markup for the address
  • added support for multilines address


  • Replaced the radio buttons for company type by an extensive select menu containing all schema.org business types.


  • Some HTML fixes (Thanks to Julien Maury @TweetPressFr)


  • Undefined variable fix
  • Added Slovak translation


  • Added Russian translation


  • Fix : bug with WP version lower than 3.4 with wp_is_mobile
  • Added : optional link for vCard download


  • Updated to work with US addresses (added state field and changed output a little)
  • Added width and height attributes to image map


  • Added mobile check with wp_is_mobile() for the "tel:" link (link is displayed only if wp_is_mobile() is true)
  • Cleaned up some code with checked() and selected() functions
  • Moved screenshots to assets folder, reducing the size of the plugin zip file


Added option for static image map displayed in the widget, linking to Google Maps


Added antispambot on email adress


Added filters to change the output of the widget


  • Added choice between Person or Company for microdata/microformat tagging
  • Added activity/job field


Initial release