The official Android app for the Tailor Toys PowerUp 3.0
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Utkrist Adhikari
Utkrist Adhikari Updates build settings and fixes the bug related to package name
Fix that make build compatible to later version of gradle
* applicationId removed for indicator-library
* minfyEnabled instead of runProguard
* version update of Gradle
* manfifest file edit: android:name=""

Test Plan: Built and tested in Nexus 5

Reviewers: prashant.vaibhav

Reviewed By: prashant.vaibhav

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Latest commit 09b25a2 Jun 15, 2015

Tailor Toys PowerUp 3.0 app for Android

This is the official Android app for the TailorToys PowerUp 3.0. It's a fork of TobyRich SmartPlane app. More information about the PowerUp 3.0 is available on

Project maintainer: Prashant Vaibhav github username pvaibhav


  • Requirements: Android SDK 4.3 (API level 18), build-tools 19.1.0

If you use Android Studio, clone this repository, and "Import" it as an Android project.

Building on the commandline requires gradle.


This project depends on the SmartLink library. It's included as a precompiled .jar file, but if you'd like the source code, you can find it at