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Taisun Taisun

Remote access has been updated to use wildcard certificates. If you are currently using remote access you will need to purge the old certs and spinup the latest container.

  1. Update Taisun to the latest version
  2. Make note of your current DNS key and domain
  3. Destroy the gateway container pull the latest:
sudo docker rm -f taisun_gateway
sudo docker pull taisun/gateway:latest

From the web interface launch the gateway again to get a fresh wildcard certificate.

The Taisun Gateway

Taisun can optionally launch a remote access container automatically maintaining a DNS name and exposing an HTTPS proxy service to the Internet. Using this service requires that you login using Google at .

To enable this feature we recommend forwarding the necessary ports on your router before launching:

  • Port 4443 TCP external- Used to host the Https Proxy so you can connect to your network from any computer.

If you do not know how to forward a port on your router just stop right here, this feature is most likely not for you.

The configuration in your router should look something like this:

Where in this example is the IP of the server running Taisun.

With the ports forwarded enter the "Remote Access" Page of Taisun as instructed if you do not have a DynamicDNS endpoint hop over to and login with Google, we do not ask for any permissions on your account. All we are interested in is that you are who you say you are and we use Google as an auth provider.

Once authenticated you will see a link for "Taisun DynDNS":

After clicking on it you will be presented with your Dynamic DNS information you will need to launch the gateway container.

**Please note New URLs will not resolve instantly you can still create your container, but you may need to restart it if the subdomain does not resolve when it is first launched. If you want try pinging the URL until it hits your public IP.

Hop back to the Taisun interface and click on "I have an Endpoint" under "Remote Access".

Once the launch process is complete click on "Remote Access" again to reload the interface. You should see the information for your HTTPS Proxy and be able to test the external port to troubleshoot forwarding issues.

After you have launched the container and confirmed remote access. You can now launch your server from from anywhere by clicking on "Access my server":

You will be redirected to your machine and be presented with access links for your currently running Taisun Stacks:

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