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A tiny JavaScript Speech Recognition library that lets your users control your site with voice commands.

annyang has no dependencies, weighs just 2 KB, and is free to use and modify under the MIT license.

Demo and Tutorial

Play with some live speech recognition demos

FAQ, Technical Documentation, and API Reference

Hello World

It's as easy as adding one javascript file to your document and defining the commands you want.

<script src="//"></script>
if (annyang) {
  // Let's define a command.
  const commands = {
    'hello': () => { alert('Hello world!'); }

  // Add our commands to annyang

  // Start listening.

Check out some live speech recognition demos and advanced samples, then read the full API Docs.

Adding a GUI

You can easily add a GUI for the user to interact with Speech Recognition using Speech KITT.

Speech KITT makes it easy to add a graphical interface for the user to start or stop Speech Recognition and see its current status. KITT also provides clear visual hints to the user on how to interact with your site using their voice, providing instructions and sample commands.

Speech KITT is fully customizable and comes with many different themes, and instructions on how to create your own designs.

Speech Recognition GUI with Speech KITT

<script src="//"></script>
<script src="//"></script>
if (annyang) {
  // Add our commands to annyang
    'hello': function() { alert('Hello world!'); }

  // Tell KITT to use annyang

  // Define a stylesheet for KITT to use

  // Render KITT's interface

For help with setting up a GUI with KITT, check out the Speech KITT page.


Tal Ater: @TalAter


Licensed under MIT.