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Official repository for TaleWorlds Entertainment documentations.

Getting Started

Run server on Windows Locally

Execute run.bat, and access to http://localhost:4444 from your web browser.

Run server on Mac/Linux Locally

Install Hugo Then go to docs folder:

cd docs
hugo server -w --bind="" -p=4444 --baseUrl="http://localhost:4444/" --ignoreCache --disableFastRender --forceSyncStatic --gc --verbose > log.txt 
# Or simply hugo server -D

Then access to http://localhost:4444 or http://localhost:1313 (By Default) from your web browser.


We accept a lot of different contributions including, but not limit to 🪲 Issues, 🛠️ Pull Request, Support, 🌏 Localization.

To contribute:

  • Create a personal fork of the project on Github.
  • Clone the fork on your local machine.
  • Add or change the documentation as needed.
  • Commit your changes and Push your branch to your fork on Github.
  • From your fork open a pull request.


Localization contributions are welcomed.
Copy and paste docs/content/english folder alongside english folder as docs/content/<LanguageName>.
Then add your language in config.toml using english as example.

        contentDir = "content/english"
        languageName = "English"
        contentDir = "content/schinese"
        languageName = "简体中文"
        contentDir = "content/russian"
        languageName = "Русский"