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Uses the Oculus Rift to help brainstorming: have a dialogue with yourself, alternating between being you and Socrates.
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Ask Socrates

This is a quick little experiment to try out how VR can help with brainstorming. When thinking about an issue, it often helps to look at it from the viewpoint of someone else. This demo lets you alternate between being yourself and being Socrates, who keeps questioning everything you say, until some great insight emerges.

Start the demo and type whatever issue is on your mind. Keep it short, maybe one or a just a few sentences. Whatever you type appears on your notepad. Then type Enter. You viewpoint will change to Socrates, and what you wrote appears on the blackboard. As Socrates, type whatever cynical/critical remark the grumpy old philosopher would have come up with when confronted with such youthful naivity.

Continue the dialogue until you have a revelation. Then press Escape to quit the demo. A file containing the whole dialouge will be saved in the demo directory.

May you be enlightened.

By Tore Knabe


Room: shprops4xnalara's "Fireplace Room" (Silent Hill)

Player avatar: Carl from Mixamo's Male Character Pack

Socrates: 3dregenerator's "Generic Male " (Devil May Cry 4)
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