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Tensorflow implementation of SqueezeNet
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Tensorflow implementation of SqueezeNet following this paper. Referenced Caffe code can be found here.

SqueezeNet Model Definition


Implemented Models

SqueezeNet V0

  • Use of 8 Fire Modules.
  • Starting convolution filter of kernel size = 7 and output_filters = 96
  • Pool Layers used after conv1, fire4 and fire8.

SqueezeNet V0 Residual (Using Bypass Connections)

  • Uses bypass connections between layers.
  • Bypass connections between fire2 and fire4, fire6 and pool2, fire8 and fire6, cxonv10 and pool3.

SqueezeNet V1

  • Model defined in official repository
  • Starting convolution filter of kernel size = 3 and output filters = 64
  • Pool layers used after conv1, fire3 and fire5.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details


Abhishek Tandon/ @Tandon-A

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