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My No Man's Sky Stuff
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My No Man's Sky Stuff

This repo contains my personal game play balance adjustments and custom graphics, models, and audio files.

Game Balance

After playing the game for at least 150 hours since the version 1.77 update, with a about a 50/50 split between Normal and Survival modes (in single player), I've come to the conclusion that the game is both amazing and amazingly easy! After the first hour, "Survival Mode" ends up being "Tedious Resource Requirement Mode" - it's simply not any harder than Normal Mode at all once one can carry enough resources to recharge the protections and one has a few upgrade modules. Seriously, in 70 hours of survival game play, I died 3 times: twice when I blew myself up with the plasma cannon while decorating my base, once when I ended a rocket boots jump at the top of very deep hole. Yeah, the game is crazy easy, but it's also very fun!

With that in mind, I made a series of balance adjustments (some to Normal Mode specifically) to make the game play experience be more of what I was expecting it to be when I bought the game earlier this year. These adjustments are in the game_balance directory. I'm sure they won't be to many people's liking, but I am sharing them here to show what can be done. Use'em if ya like'm!

For the record, I don't consider editing some existing values in the XML files provided with the game to be real modding, so I am not going to refer to these adjustments as "mods". Legend of Hondo and Rescue Girlies are examples of what I consider to be real modding. Anyway, kudos to Hello Games for making so many values in the game as human-readable XML options. Creating a project in that manner takes a whole lot more effort than just putting the values in the C++ headers, but it also makes it quick and idiot proof to change the values in the compiled client.

Packaged "mods" that are ready to use with the game are in the releases directory. Check their file names for which version of the game I tested them to be compatible with. For example,


Means "my game balance adjustments, packaged on 2019-06-27, compatible with Good Old Games patch 44840_Main_26826 of version 1.77 of No Man's Sky".

Graphics, Models, Audio

I am not sure that I want to release my real mods as "open source", because I've discovered over the years that very few people actually appreciate the time, effort, and talent that goes into making such content. However, if I do decide to release something, it will be in the art directory.

Misc Preferences

I've made some adjustments to the camera of the vehicles, making it less cumbersome to mine using the Roamer (buggy) and preventing the weapon/laser on all of the vehicles from resetting (thus moving off the target). These camera adjustments are in the /camera directory.


GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3, 19 November 2007 See the LICENSE file for copying / copyright details.


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