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With an increasing interest in emerging sensing technology, we created an awesome curated list to understand how recent researchers weave sensing technology into user interfaces. Also, we included several background resources and codes to lower the learning barrier for research beginners. This curation is currently categorized by the general sensing principle.

Resistive Sensing

Resistive sensing is to detect the resistance change caused by the change in length, area, or material of conductors, usually implemented with a voltage divider or Wheatstone bridge. The common sensors include force sensor, strain gauge, ambient light sensor, resistive touch screen and etc.

Capacitive Sensing

Capacitive sensing basically detects the change in electrical field between two conductors, which could be triggered by the approach of a new conductor (e.g. human body), the variance in dielectrics among the conductors, or the distance change between the conductors. Its implementation is usually with a RC circuit or a LC tank. It can be used to sense the hand gestures, proximity, pressure, position, force, humidity, and fluid level.



Inductive Sensing

Inductive sensing is based on the principle of magnetic induction to detect nearby metallic objects. It is usually implemented by a coil, which acts as an inductor to generate a high frequency magnetic field. If there is a metal object near the changing magnetic field, current will flow in the object an form a new magnetic field that opposes the original magnetic field. The net effect would cause the change in the inductance of the coil, resulting in the change of the resonant frequnecy in the LC tank. The technology enables precise measurement of linear and angular position, displacement, motion, compression, vibration, and metal composition.



Impedance Sensing


Radio Wave (frequency below 30G Hz)

MmWave (frequency between 30G Hz and 300G HZ)




Sensor Fusion

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