Run your own server for the TeachCraft-Challenges
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Out of the box features

  • Execute Python against the server, giving your character superpowers! [API] [Examples]
  • Weather is turned off
  • No hostile mobs
  • Permanent nightvision potion effect
  • Permanent sword + bow in your inventory (used for interacting with in python) [Example]
  • No authentication required

To Run

Launch multiplayer server by running this command in your terminal (where 1G is the amount of RAM dedicated to the server):

java -Xms1G -Xmx1G -jar Minecraft_Server.jar

Now when you can connect to this server using Multiplayer -> Direct Connect ->

You can also launch the server using our embedded minecraft-wrapper via python, which gets you an auto-reboot on server crash:

python ./wrapper

If you do that, you can change the parameters for how the server launches in

To connect to server

Open Source Libraries Used