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Welcome to the HYCON source code repository! Our goal at HYCON is to enable a faster and more scalable blockchain for many different use cases.

We have a lot of exciting developments coming up, and we'll have our timeline added to Issues in the near future.

General Information

For more information about HYCON, visit the website at or read the whitepaper in one of the following languages:

Running Hycon

Full node on the main Hycon network

If you would like the entire Hycon blockchain locally and want to interact with the network (create wallets and transfer funds), you can sync quickly to the current state of the network after deploying a Hycon node. There are two methods to do so: using the latest release or clone the repository. We highly recommend using a release if you do not plan on developing hycon-core.

Getting Releases

We aim to create a release periodically with improvements to node and the network. You can find our latest releases in the Releases section.

Downloading and unzipping the archived file will allow you to run the full node and mine on your system. For more information, check out the Wiki article here. We currently support Ubuntu, MacOS X, and Windows operating systems.

Clone and Deploy

  • Clone the repository or pull the latest commit
  • Ensure that you have npm installed
  • $ npm i to install the required node dependencies
  • $ npm run hycon to start your node and sync with the network

Hycon Wallet

If you only want to interact with the network (create wallets and transfer funds), you can download any of the following applications to create or recover your wallet.

Lite Client

Chrome Extension

Desktop App

Hycon Pocket (Mobile App)



API Documentation

The documentation for all of the api routes available on a hycon node can be found at


HYCON currently uses the ASIC-resistant cryptonight-v7 proof-of-work algorithm. We have made some adjustments to xmrig to ensure that the GPU miner runs smoothly with the HYCON node. For your ease of use, binary releases have been created for each variant.

Please check out the repository that is relevant to your system to begin mining:

Credits to xmrig for the development of their cryptonight miner.

Issues & Pull Requests

Please check out Contributing to see how you can submit an issue or a pull request. Please use the supplied templates related to your issues and PRs.

If you have found a security bug, please contact us at

Updates - Past and Present

To see what's to come in the near future, feel free to take a look at roadmap to see what we prioritize and plan.

To see what we've done in the past, take a look at the changelog.

Social Channels

Site Link
Telegram (General Chat)
Telegram (Announcements)