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Pull Request Integrations

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If your code is host on GitHub or Bitbucket, CodeStream can display merged pull request comments in your editor as annotations on the current version of your file. By integrating PR comments with CodeStream’s native codemarks in a single view, developers will gain deeper insight into why decisions were made, and get answers faster to questions about code they are working on.

To include PR comments, look for the PR filter at the bottom of the CodeStream pane while on the Current File tab. When you first click that toggle, if you haven’t already authenticated with GitHub/Bitbucket you’ll be prompted to do so.

PR Filter

Merged PR comments will then appear, attached to the code block they refer to, interspersed with any codemarks originating from CodeStream. As the code evolves, the location of each comment is automatically updated so that it remains linked to the block of code it refers to.

PR Display

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