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krathow commented Mar 31, 2020

Description of the problem, including code/CLI snippet

Documentation is missing an example how to make use of project import parameters.
The Gitlab-API supports these parameters (name,file,path,overwrite)

Expected Behavior

It would be good to add an example to the documentation (if those parameters are supported)

Actual Behavior


  • python-gitlab versi
jwkicklighter commented Sep 20, 2019

#197 took care of being able to use # at the start of a line, but I just noticed that there isn't a great user flow for editing an issue that already has markdown headings.

  1. Create an issue with at least 1 heading
  2. Edit the issue with lab issue edit [ID]
  3. Make changes and save
  4. The issue will now have its heading(s) stripped out

I'm not sure what the best course would be, but

profclems commented Nov 19, 2020

I just had this thought of having a GitHub action for glab.

Do we need that? 🤮

Yeah, I think we do.
Especially for repos on GitHub that are mirrored to GitLab. Maintainers may decide to accept issues and merge requests on GitHub, and write a script that automatically creates the issues and merge requests on GitLab too.
I think there are a lot of other use cases way beyond my imagina

nikitavbv commented Dec 12, 2017

Currently if you try to clone a repository from github and you don't have any ssh keys configured at github, you will fail to clone and get such message:

Fatal error: fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

Please make sure you have the correct access rights
and the repository exists.

Even Permission denied (publickey). message is not shown.

@guyzmo offered to "suggest a

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