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Opal Wallet for EtherGem

The current release is Opal-Alpha-0.0.1

and it is available at: Windows: Opal-Alpha-0.0.1-win32-x64.rar

Windows Install instructions: Download and extract, enter the Opal-Alpha-0.0.1-win32-x64 directory and double click the Opal-Alpha-0.0.1-win32-x64.exe then accept TWO access requests:

Mac: ./releases/Opal-Alpha-0.0.1/[tba]

Mac Install instructions:

Linux: ./releases/Opal-Alpha-0.0.1/[tba]

Linux Install instructions:

You can also build the Meteor Application following the instruction sets on that page Current Meteor Build Opal Alpha 0.0.1

This is a bare bones basic feature release to get community feedback. We will follow with iterative beta releases based on that feedback until the wallet shapes itself to the needs of the EGEM community.

Please comment, suggest, critique, blast it, say it sucks, appreciate it, compliment it, hate on it, use it and tell us what you want.

You can email me at or just catch us core devs on the discord

We have an EGEM founders reward already in place for development funding, so if you feel the need to donate, send it to the rain bot:

EGEM: 0x9b41c5d87deb2fedc2ef419411cf82e6827cbcbd

and register your address on our discord channel because it will rain on the community.

'''Updates are in progress'''


Opal Wallet for EtherGem



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