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NewPipe Website Generator

Repo for the NewPipe website, which includes the blog and the press kit.

All sites are based on Bootstrap 3.3.7 and Jekyll 3.7.2.



Install Jekyll and Bundler gems through RubyGems:

~ $ gem install jekyll bundler

Navigate to the root directory of this project, dev environment:

bundle install

Navigate to this directory and build the site on the preview server:

~ $ jekyll serve

Run http://localhost:4000/blog or http://localhost:4000/press.


As this repository includes the press kit and the blog, we prefix all layouts and includes with either press_ or blog_.


Categories / Tags

We do not make a difference between categories and tags, but only use categories. Categories are used to tag posts, so they can be found easier. Every tag has an overview page where you can find all posts with this tag. Tags are also recognized as keywords by the search and posts get with these tags get an extra boost and are listed higher.

You can add a category / tag in the YAML header of each page:

categories: category1

categories: [category1, category2, category3]

Post with tags get the following permalink: /blog/category1/category2/title

These categories are implemented right now:

  • release
  • announcement
  • talk
  • download
  • pinned

Every post which has the announcement category will also be shown in press/announcements/.

Posts with the pinned category appear on the right sidebar as Also interesting.

New categories can be implemented via an extra HTML page named categoryName.html and placed in blog/. The new page should look like this:

layout: blog_category
title: categoryName
category: categoryName
Post thumbnails

Post thumbnails which are going to be displayed at the left side of the post, need to be registered in _data/images.yml (see Image metadata to learn how to do this correctly). Thumbnails should be squarisch.

image - Displays an image at the left side of the post. Use the key you registered in _data/images.yml.

imageHidePress - Hides the image in the announcement page of the pres kit.

Image metadata

Image metadata can be set in _data/images.yml. Ypu can display an image in a post with following snippet:

<img src="/img/{{[IMAGE_NAME].url }}" />

newpipe-beta:                          # IMAGE_NAME which is used to display it
  url: logo_app_beta.svg               # path to the file relative to '/img/'
  type: svg                            # file extension like 'svg', 'png' or 'jpeg'
  size: 16583                          # file size of the image in bytes
  name: NewPipe Beta logo              # image description 
  author: Schabi                       # author
  origin: # optional: link to the origin of this image when it is not created by one of our teeam members
  download: /press/logo/#logo-beta     # optional: this is a link to the internal download page with an anchor to the download form '/press/logo/#logo-beta'
Page metadata

metatitle - The title to display in the browser <title></title>

metades - The description to display as <meta name="description">

metakey - Additional keywords for search engines <meta name="keywords">

modified - The date the page was last modified. It will be displayed at the bottom of each page. Format YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS +/-TTTT


At the moment there is one search engine for the press kit and another one for the blog.

The variable search accepts following values wich modify the position in the search results:

exclude - exclude the whole page from the search

FAQ & Tutorials

FAQ and tutorials are located at and

Essentially FAQs and tutorials have the same structure: Both are collections (faq and tutorials) and can have the same attributes which are defined via the YAML front matter. Nevertheless we make a distinction between FAQs and tutorials because there are different behaviours implemented for them. While FAQs are displayed in multiple small collapsible boxes, every tutorial has its own page.

Writing FAQs & Tutorials

Since FAQs and tutorials are collections, firstly you need to create a new .HTML file in either _faq/ or _tutorials/. Please put the category name first and then add the title behind it: player_enable_autoplay.html. In the file, you need to define several things to get your post recognized and printed out correctly:

  • Each post must have at least one category which assigns it to one of the subpages (FAQ/player/, FAQ/download/, FAQ/bugs).
- bugs
- player
- download
  • There are two types a post can have: type: info or type: tutorial.
  • Every post needs a title: title: "Enable Autoplay"

Before you can start writing, there are some more small things to notice to make your post look like the others. Writing short FAQs is quite easy and there are only few things to consider.

  1. To structure the content, use <section>s. There should be no content which is not in a <section>.
  2. To separate parts of your article with a thin line, use <hr/> tags.
  3. To insert images, use the <img/> tag inside of a <figure> tag. Additionally, each image needs a caption (<figcaption>).
  4. Please keep your sentences as shorts as possible. This makes it easier to follow you and your instructions.