ProTechMe: A chat bot that collects protective order info quickly & efficiently
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What is ProTechMe?

ProTechMe is a chatbot that collects protective order info quickly and efficiently in New Mexico, so the user can take a pdf and present to the district attorney or legal aid office (in person or email) without time consuming guidance.

Originally, ProTechMe was built in Harris County, Texas. See the demo here.

Why Use It?

- Anyone can come onto the site and have a conversation anytime. - Makes compilation of info easy for both legal aid lawyer and client. - Legal aid lawyers can now use their expertise for tasks that require their legal skills, as opposed to tasks that can be automated or done by nonlawyers. - Since it’s open source, anyone can replicate the chatbot.

How We Made It

First, we mapped it out on Coggle, a freeware mind-mapping web application. Like other mind-mapping software, Coggle produces hierarchically structured documents, like a branching tree.

We took the questions from the New Mexico Courts Website. See this page also.

It helped us to better understand the flow of questions and answers and determine in what order they should fall.

We created the chatbot using, which lacks several of problems of various others (no AIML required, no dependence on Facebook, deployable to the web but not public in a way that would endanger user privacy by default, free to start, plays nice with JavaScript, very flexible).

Pdf conversion was successful, see process and code here.

Want one for your city or state?

Join other collaborators here.