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We are a tech-savvy community supporting, inspiring, empowering, & celebrating each other in the greater global village 🌍

TechKln on GitHub

TechKln, TK for short, is a tech-savvy community that focusses on the intersection between tech and the circles it touches (making our lives efficient and helping us do our best work).
Overall we champion digital literacy.



We support, inspire, empower, & celebrate each other in the greater global village 🌍.

To this effect, every week, we participate in different community activities. Out of this:

  • every Thursday, we have a public 10-minute TKQuiz happening at 9PM EAT (UTC +3), unless communicated otherwise through our socials.
    See you there:
  • every Tuesday, we share tools; we find amazing. Some get to be published on TK's global-toolkit. (PRs are welcome)


Join us and invite everyone you deem will benefit from the platform:


This GitHub organisation and TechKenyans' organisation are available for use by the community to participate in GitHub classrooms (for learning programming or simply using Git and GitHub as an entry into OpenSource contribution and maintenance, and collaboration)


Follow @TechKln on:


Making this community safe is our joint responsibility but the back rests on the admins (Stan_MD and Susan) therefore do DM them (on the platforms) or the TK socials in case of an issue or concern.



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    A live list of technological tools cutting across a number of disciplines

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