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An Esoteric Programming Language based on Reverse Polish Notation
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Reverse Programmer Notation (RProgN)

Developed by William Lemon


The idea of this language was to try to write a stack based programming language using the syntax of Reverse Polish Notation. "a b +". Although languages already exist that do this, eg. PostScript, None do it so that any RPN would implicitly work. Essentially, this was designed to Turing Complete Reverse Polish Notation.

Initially written in Lua, RProgN is an interpreted esoteric language. It contains two memory blocks, the Reg <Stack> and the Mem <Associative Array>.

The syntax itself is split up into whitespace separated 'functions', which are run from left to right. In RProgN, constants do not exist, instead, each number counts as a default 'function', which can be overwritten.

Strings are the only things that do not follow this rule, instead, when the interpreter is scanning across a word and finds either a " or a ', the word is instead changed to a constructor for a string.


The majority of this Readme was horrifyingly out of date, and although is all technically true, holds some bad practices and information. Instead, if you want to see a list of Functions, check out HERE

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