Transport Abstraction Interface Implementations
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This repo contains implementations of the Transponder Abstraction Interface, or TAI, which have been contributed to the Telecom Infrastructure Project, or TIP.

In summary, TAI is a user-mode device driver interface for transponder modules based upon the Switch Abstraction Interface, or SAI, of the Open Compute Project, or OCP. Although it is not required that the device drivers be open-sourced, some vendors have opened up their code for the benefit of the community.

Each open sourced component is in a sub-directory of this repo. See the file in each subdirectory for more information about the component and build instructions. The repo currently contains the following components:

  • tai_ac400 - The TAI adapter code for the Acacia AC400 module
  • tai_mux - A TAI adapter which multiplexes access to multiple, possible different, TAI adapters.

For more information about: