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TreeView implement in Android with RecyclerView.
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TreeView implement in Android with RecyclerView..




root build.gradle

allprojects {
    repositories {
        maven { url "" }

app build.gradle

dependencies {
    compile 'com.github.TellH:RecyclerTreeView:1.2.0'

Quick Start

  • Create a Java bean class and implement the LayoutItemType, to attach item layout id to it.
public class Dir implements LayoutItemType {
    public String dirName;

    public Dir(String dirName) {
        this.dirName = dirName;

    public int getLayoutId() {
        return R.layout.item_dir;
  • Create a ViewBinder to bind view with the data bean. As you see, provideViewHolder(View itemView) corresponds for onCreateViewHolder in RecyclerView, and bindView corresponds for onBindViewHolder in RecyclerView.
public class FileNodeBinder extends TreeViewBinder<FileNodeBinder.ViewHolder> {
    public ViewHolder provideViewHolder(View itemView) {
        return new ViewHolder(itemView);

    public void bindView(ViewHolder holder, int position, TreeNode node) {
        File fileNode = (File) node.getContent();

    public int getLayoutId() {
        return R.layout.item_file;

    public class ViewHolder extends TreeViewBinder.ViewHolder {
        public TextView tvName;

        public ViewHolder(View rootView) {
            this.tvName = (TextView) rootView.findViewById(;

  • Add TreeNode to TreeViewAdapter.
        List<TreeNode> nodes = new ArrayList<>();
        TreeNode<Dir> app = new TreeNode<>(new Dir("app"));
                new TreeNode<>(new Dir("manifests"))
                        .addChild(new TreeNode<>(new File("AndroidManifest.xml")))
                new TreeNode<>(new Dir("java")).addChild(
                        new TreeNode<>(new Dir("tellh")).addChild(
                                new TreeNode<>(new Dir("com")).addChild(
                                        new TreeNode<>(new Dir("recyclertreeview"))
                                                .addChild(new TreeNode<>(new File("Dir")))
                                                .addChild(new TreeNode<>(new File("DirectoryNodeBinder")))
                                                .addChild(new TreeNode<>(new File("File")))
                                                .addChild(new TreeNode<>(new File("FileNodeBinder")))
                                                .addChild(new TreeNode<>(new File("TreeViewBinder")))
        TreeNode<Dir> res = new TreeNode<>(new Dir("res"));
                new TreeNode<>(new Dir("layout"))
                        .addChild(new TreeNode<>(new File("activity_main.xml")))
                        .addChild(new TreeNode<>(new File("item_dir.xml")))
                        .addChild(new TreeNode<>(new File("item_file.xml")))
                new TreeNode<>(new Dir("mipmap"))
                        .addChild(new TreeNode<>(new File("ic_launcher.png")))
        TreeViewAdapter adapter = new TreeViewAdapter(nodes, Arrays.asList(new FileNodeBinder(), new DirectoryNodeBinder()));
  • set TreeNodeListener to TreeViewAdapter
        adapter.setOnTreeNodeListener(new TreeViewAdapter.OnTreeNodeListener() {
            public boolean onClick(TreeNode node, RecyclerView.ViewHolder holder) {
                if (!node.isLeaf()) {
                    //Update and toggle the node.
                    onToggle(!node.isExpand(), holder);
                return false;

            public void onToggle(boolean isExpand, RecyclerView.ViewHolder holder) {
                DirectoryNodeBinder.ViewHolder dirViewHolder = (DirectoryNodeBinder.ViewHolder) holder;
                final ImageView ivArrow = dirViewHolder.getIvArrow();
                int rotateDegree = isExpand ? 90 : -90;

Please check out the Demo and source code for more information. If you have any question, feel free to raise an issue. Thanks a lot!

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