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GoReviewPartner github page is here

Support is still in testing, but so far these are the recommended settings to do use PhoenixGo with GoReviewPartner

3 config files are provided to you using optimized settings for grp (GoReviewPartner) :

note : it is also possible with multiple GPU, only the most common examples were shown here

if you want to do the changes manually, you need to :

in phoenixgo .conf config file :

  • disable all time settings in config file (set to 0)
  • set time to unlimited (set timeout to 0 ms)
  • use simulations per move to have fixed computation per move (playouts), because it is not needed to play fast since this is an analysis, unlimited time
  • for the same reason, set enable background search to 0 (disable pondering), because this is not a live game, time settings are not needed and can cause conflicts
  • add debug width and height with debugger in config file, see FAQ question

in grp (GoReviewPartner) settings :

  • it is easier to use one of the pre-made grp profile in config.ini (slightly modify them if needed)

  • Don't forget to add paths in the config file as explained in FAQ question

  • If you're on windows, you need to also pay attention to the syntax too, for example on windows it is --logtostderr --v 1 not --logtostderr --v=1 , see FAQ question for details and other differences

  • and run the mcts_main (not with the needed parameters, see an example here

also, see #86 and #99 for details

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