coroutine and Swoole based php server framework in tencent
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Tencent Server Framework


Tencent Server Framework is a coroutine and Swoole based server framework for fast server deployment which developed by Tencent engineers.


  • PHP Based. Compared with C++, the framework is more efficient in developing and programing.
  • based on Swoole extension. powerful async IO, timers and other infrastructure capacity can be used in this framework.
  • support PHP coroutine. Synchronous programing is possible using the coroutine schedule system, and can lead to the similar server capability with that of server deveoped in an asynchronous way.
  • support server monitor and provide interface to add more rules


  • php5.5+
  • Swoole1.7.18+
  • linux,OS X



  • Tencent Server Framework can help you to start your server quickly,you just need to set a few settings

Server config

vim server.ini

;server type:tcpudphttp
type = http
; port
listen[] = 12312
; entrance file
root = '/data/web_deployment/serv/test/index.php'
;php start path
php = '/usr/local/php/bin/php'

; worker process num
worker_num = 16
; task process num
task_worker_num = 0
; dispatch mode
dispatch_mode = 2
; daemonize
daemonize = 1
; system log
log_file = '/data/log/test.log'

How to start your server

cd /root/tsf/bin/
php swoole testHttpServ start
  • Support Cmds: start,stop,reload,restart,status,shutdown,startall,list

How to use TCP/UDP/HTTP Client

  • we support different network protocols: TCP,UDP,HTTP

  $tcpReturn=(yield $this->tcpTest());
  $udpReturn=(yield $this->udpTest());

  $httpReturn=(yield $this->httpTest());

  public function tcpTest(){
    $ip = '';
    $port = '9905';
    $data = 'test';
    $timeout = 0.5; //second
    yield new Swoole\Client\TCP($ip, $port, $data, $timeout);
  public function udpTest(){
    $ip = '';
    $port = '9905';
    $data = 'test';
    $timeout = 0.5; //second
    yield new Swoole\Client\UDP($ip, $port, $data, $timeout);
  public function httpTest(){
    $httpRequest= new Swoole\Client\HTTP($url);
    $header = array(
      'Content-Length' => 12345,
    yield $httpRequest->get($url); //yield $httpRequest->post($path, $data, $header);

How to use Muticall

  • Beside that,we also support Muticall:
  • you can use Muticall to send TCP,UDP packets at the sametime
  • when all the requests come back,return to interrupt
  $res = (yield $this->muticallTest());
  public function muticallTest(){
    $calls=new Swoole\Client\Multi();
    $firstReq=new Swoole\Client\TCP($ip, $port, $data, $timeout);
    $secondReq=new Swoole\Client\UDP($ip, $port, $data, $timeout);
    $thirdReq= new Swoole\Client\HTTP("");

    $calls ->request($firstReq,'first');             //first request
    $calls ->request($secondReq,'second');             //second request
    $calls ->request($thirdReq,'third');             //third request
    yield $calls;


Concect to mysql async

    $sql = new Swoole\Client\MYSQL(array('host' => '', 'port' => 3345, 'user' => 'root', 'password' => 'root', 'database' => 'test', 'charset' => 'utf-8',));
    $ret = (yield $sql ->query('show tables'));
    $ret = (yield $sql ->query('desc test'));


  • We support individuation route rules
  • now we realize some universal route rules and restful rules
  • besides that, we also support default GET parameter
  URL                                       METHOD       CONTROLLER  ACTION              ANY     ==>  TestController/ActionIndex         ANY     ==>  TestController/ActionSend
  Restful                  GET     ==>  TestController/ActionList          GET     ==>  TestController/ActionView
                                                         Get['id']=22             POST    ==>  TestController/ActionCreate          PUT     ==>  TestController/ActionUpdate
                                                         Get['id']=22          DELETE  ==>  TestController/ActionDelete
                                                         Get['id']=22   GET     ==>  TestController/ActionSend
                                                         Get['cid']=1 Get['name']=li



Your contribution to TSF development is very welcome!

You may contribute in the following ways: