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Build Status License: MIT codecov

Strategy for Magellan to stop a test suite if test failure ratio exceeds a threshold within a given period.

Important Notes About Versions

Important: testarmada-magellan-early-bail-strategy is only supported by Magellan version 10.1.0 or higher.

What does this executor do

  1. It works as a Magellan strategy to help Magellan make decision when to do what
  2. It tells Magellan when to stop a test suite
  3. It tells Magellan when to stop a test

How To Use

Please follow the following steps:

  1. npm install testarmada-magellan-early-bail-strategy --save
  2. Add following line to your magellan.json (if there isn't a magellan.json please create one under your folder root):
"strategy_bail": "testarmada-magellan-early-bail-strategy"
  1. Or, instead of adding above line in magellan.json, add following argument in your command line
--strategy_bail testarmada-magellan-early-bail-strategy
  1. ./node_modules/.bin/magellan --help to see if you can see the following content printed out
 Strategy-specific (testarmada-magellan-early-bail-strategy)
  --early_bail_threshold=0.1           Ratio of tests that need to fail before we abandon the build
  --early_bail_min_attempts=10         Minimum number of tests that need to run before we apply the bail strategy

Congratulations, you're all set.


To enable this strategy with default threshold

$ ./node_modules/.bin/magellan --strategy_bail testarmada-magellan-early-bail-strategy --test xxx

To enable this strategy with customized threshold

$ ./node_modules/.bin/magellan --strategy_bail testarmada-magellan-early-bail-strategy --early_bail_threshold 0.5 --early_bail_min_attempts 5 --test xxx


Documentation in this project is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Full details available at