Official wrapper (authored by Text Control GmbH, publisher of ReportingCloud) to access ReportingCloud in .NET.
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ReportingCloud .NET Wrapper

This is the official .NET wrapper for ReportingCloud, which is authored, maintained and fully supported by Text Control.

Before using ReportingCloud, please sign up to the service:

API Documentation

The complete API documentation can be found in the GitHub page of this project:

ReportingCloud .NET Wrapper API Documentation

Getting Started

This getting started tutorial helps to create your first application using the ReportingCloud .NET wrapper:

ReportingCloud .NET Wrapper Documentation - Getting Started

Username and password for unittests

The ReportingCloud .NET wrapper ships with a number of .NET unit tests. The scripts in each of these directories require a username and password for ReportingCloud in order to be executed. So that your username and password are not made inadvertently publicly available via a public GIT repository, you will first need to specify them.


You will find the Text Control ReportingCloud .NET Wrapper as a NuGet package available on NuGet:

PM> Install-Package TXTextControl.ReportingCloud


Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at