PHP SDK for the TextRazor Text Analytics API
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PHP SDK for the TextRazor Text Analytics API.

TextRazor offers state-of-the-art natural language processing tools through a simple API, allowing you to build semantic technology into your applications in minutes.

Hundreds of applications rely on TextRazor to understand unstructured text across a range of verticals, with use cases including social media monitoring, enterprise search, recommendation systems and ad targeting.

Read more about the TextRazor API at

Getting Started

The classic way

  • Copy the file TextRazor.php into your project and load the class via require_once 'TextRazor.php';.

The Composer way

composer require textrazor/textrazor-php


  • Create an instance of the TextRazor object and start analyzing your text.
    require_once 'TextRazor.php'; // This is only required if you are **NOT** using Composer!
    $text = 'Barclays misled shareholders and the public about one of the biggest investments in the banks history, a BBC Panorama investigation has found.';
    $textrazor = new TextRazor();
    $response = $textrazor->analyze($text);
    if (isset($response['response']['entities'])) {
        foreach ($response['response']['entities'] as $entity) {
            print_r($entity['entityId'] . PHP_EOL);


Please visit the TextRazor PHP Reference.

Error Handling

The TextRazor PHP SDK throws an exception with a helpful error message in the case of bad inputs, TextRazor errors, or network errors.


TextRazor expects all text to be encoded as UTF-8. Please make sure all your content is encoded to valid UTF-8 before calling the analyze method, or the service will return an error.


PHP makes it really easy to manipulate the JSON response from the server. You can find more information about the various fields at


If you have any queries please contact us at and we will get back to you promptly. We’d also love to hear from you if you have any ideas for improving the API or documentation.