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eztz - Javascript API library for Tezos

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This library is compatible with the Tezos blockchain, implementing communication with the JSON RPC API and providing key generation, signing, verification, and contract interaction. eztz.js is used by numerous projects, including TezBox and Bakechain.

You can checkout our Documentation, or follow installation below.

By default, eztz will connect to - public Tezos infrastructure provided by TezTech. You can switch this to use your own local node, or a node of your choosing, via eztz.node.setProvider(url).


In browser, just include dist/eztz.min.js and you're good to go.

NPM plugin in development


Rebuild bundle using the following code (requires webpack):

npm run-script build


Include the eztz.js file and use the eztz object directly:

<script src="./eztz.min.js"></script>
        alert("Your balance is " + res);

Future Development

Our current goals are:

  • Add support for additional RPC endpoints (e.g. voting)
  • Hardware wallet support
  • Support for additional cryto curves
  • Add additional tests


Please feel free to contribute - I will merge any pull requests as soon as I've gone through the changes.


Originally developed by Stephen Andrews, eztz.js is now owned by TezTech.

Support Us

Development is now funded by a generous grant from the Tezos Foundation. Donations are also welcone.

Bitcoin: 1KSiyfgs5XwTZjaLpmCTHxonsyXMx383P1 Tezos: tz1cLDXASgh48ntYmLqM3cqPEXmUtpJVVPma

Credits (for base58check encode/decode) (for all crypto related functions) (for mnemonic code) (for passphrase hashing) (for browser buffer)