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Beta Reviewers Auto-update Tester

This is a very special plugin designed to make life much easier for developers and beta-testers of plugins and themes.

The Beta Reviewers Auto-update Tool or BRAT for short is a plugin that makes it easier for you to assist other developers with reviewing and testing their plugins and themes.

Simply add the GitHub repository path for the beta Obsidian plugin to the list for testing and now you can just check for updates. Updates are downloaded and the plugin is reloaded. No more having to create folders, download files, copy them to the right place, and so on. This plugin takes care of all that for you.

Learn more about BRAT in the DOCUMENTATION found at: or follow me at for updates.

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  • Cornell Notes Learning Vault - This vault teaches you how to use the Cornell Note-Taking System in your Obsidian vault. It includes learning material, samples, and Obsidian configuration files to enable Cornell Notes in your vault.