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Run Mersenne GIMPS Prime95 client -mprime- as a service/daemon on Debian Linux.

Getting Started

Have a read over at Mersenne for getting-started instructions.


The installation is prepared to be as turn-key as possible to the best of my ability, using

sudo apt-get install git wget -y
git clone
cd mprime-gimps/
sudo chmod a+x
sudo ./

With the installation at the Ready? (y/n) prompt you'll have to configure mprime for you and your computer.
There are 4 settings of basic interest. Keep the rest at defaults.

  1. Your user ID or "ANONYMOUS":
    Give it the User ID you created over at Mersenne.
    This is used to connect the computer to Your account.
  2. Optional computer name:
    This is used to identify this instance of mprime, give it a descriptive name - desktop-01
  3. Daytime/Nighttime stage 2 memory in MB (8):
    The default setting is to use 8MB of RAM, this is good if the machine is running mprime on the side, but should ideally be increased to increase performance.
    If desired.


sudo /etc/init.d/mprimed {start|stop|restart|status|force-reload}
tail -f /var/log/mprime.log
tail -f /usr/sbin/mprime/prime.log
/usr/sbin/mprime/mprime -s


With the installation complete you'll have a few more folders, scripts, and one more user account on the machine.
User account: mprime

Uninstalling has been created to remove what's installed, please note that it's dirty, ie, no pre-checks are done.
Use at own risk.

sudo apt-get install git -y
git clone
cd mprime-gimps/
sudo chmod a+x
sudo ./
sudo apt-get remove git wget -y


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details