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A browser-based APT decoder for NOAA satellites
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A browser-based APT decoder for NOAA satellites.


  • Demodulate AM signal
  • Perform convolution to find sync signals
  • Draw image signal onto canvas
  • Straighten image
    • Some wiggle still exists...
    • Maybe doing convolution at 8320Hz and then downsampling would fix this
    • Fixed this by doing convolution at 11025Hz and downsampling for each line
  • Add scaling to the canvas
    • Limited, but it's there
  • Implement image rotation based on satellite orbit (N/S)
    • Telemetry? User input? File info?
  • Implement false-color correction
  • Submit a fork/push of ffdead's wav.js
    • I implemented an effective version of ffdead's blank "getSamples" function

###Works Cited (helpful pages from around the web):

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