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Simple Sample rust-lightning-based Lightning Node

  • Uses Bitcoin Core's RPC interface for non-channel funds management as well as consensus data.

  • Accepts commands on the command line to perform Lightning actions.

  • panic!()s if you try to use this on mainnet as most data is not persisted to disk and error handling is generally a crapshoot.

  • Assumes you have a local copy of rust-lightning and rust-lightning-invoice from the rust-bitcoin project in the same directory as this repo.

  • Can connect to nodes/accept incoming connections.

  • Can open outbound channels and receive inbound channels.

  • Can send payments over multiple hops using in-built router and BOLT11 parsing from rust-lightning-invoice (which is not yet complete, so you have to repeat the final node's node_id on the command line).

  • Can receive payments but cannot yet generate BOLT11 invoices.