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`Tromino` is a tool pluggable between Mattermost (or Slack) and anything you want to monitor.
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A tromino wikipedia is a polygon made of three equal-sized squares... but it's also an anagram of monitor.

Tromino is a tool pluggable between Mattermost (or Slack) and anything you want to monitor.

How to use


docker run -d -v /my/own/datadir:/data/db --name tromino_mongo mongo:latest
docker run -d -p 8080 --link tromino_mongo:mongo --name tromino_tromino theblusky/tromino:latest

or tweak and use provided docker-compose.yml file.

Warning: this configuration expose Tromino in cleartext HTTP, you will need to use some reverse proxy (nginx, apache, traefik, ...) in order to secure communication using HTTPS.


Everything is performed on Mattermost :

  • Create a new slash, called /tromino, targetting http(s)://your-tromino-instance:(8080/443)/mattermost,
  • Create a new incoming webhook,
  • Use the following command: /tromino config setup [INCOMING WEBHOOK URL]

And that's it ! You can use /tromino help to see all the commands.

Development / Testing

You can set your own development environment, either for adding some feature, or simply to run tests.

In order to do it, simple use the following command:

docker-compose build
./ # Linux / Darwin
run_tests.bat # Windows

You don't need to re-build the project to run tests when modifying source code, as run_tests script mount the ./src/ directory directly into the container in order to have up-to-date source code. However, if you change requirements.txt, you will need to rebuild the image in order to have dependencies installed.

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