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Example for the jest-runner-cypress, as proposed by Kent C. Dodds ( )

Right now we can only collect numeric information about tests passed/failed in a given file, because that's all that we get from cypress In the future we could parse a file generated by cypress reporter to get more discreet results (which test failed exactly inside a given file).

There are some collisions when multiple cypresses run - they both try to remove videos/screenshots and throws some warnings, but besides the messy console they left behind, it works just fine.

In general we would want to limit cypress chattiness (for example it shouldnt show it's own results, if we want to make the experience consistent with jest and other runners).

This is all possible but not out of the box, we would have to add an option to make cypress quiet and to communicate with the external world through returned values instead of stdout.

a bit of a showcase

Nice touch - run:

npm test -- --watch

Nothing should run - change cypress/plugins/index.js (imported for no other reason than this showcase)

and the example_spec.js that requires it will rerun :-)

It would be great if we could keep the cypres open somehow, because the startup time is a bit painful.


Example for the jest-runner-cypress



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