Improves performance for simple dropdowns generated from a list of Entities
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DotCommerce's FastEntityBundle

Fast entity bundle for Symfony 2, used to generate dropdowns from entities faster than the default 'entity' formtype. To do this a new form type has to be generated for the entity used in the dropdown


You need to use the command line tool from Symfony (app/console) to generate the new form types. The syntax is simple:

$ app/console dotcommerce:generate:fastentity BundleName[:EntityName] [FieldName]
  • BundleName is the name of you Bundle (i.e. MyBundle)
  • EntityName (optional) is the name of your entity (i.e. MyEntity), if not defined it will generate form types for all the entities in the bundle
  • FieldName (optional) the name of the field which is displayed in the dropdown, if not defined it will try to use the field 'name'

So if I want to generate a fast form type, for my entity Customer which is in my StoreBundle and I want to display the lastname of the customer in the dropdown, I need to use command:

$ app/console dotcommerce:generate:fastentity StoreBundle:Customer lastname

To use the newly generated form type you have to specify it manualy in a Form. The name for your new formtype is the entityname in lowercase prepended by the word 'fast', i.e. for the above generated Customer entity, the formtype is called 'fastcustomer'.

Last updates


  • First public version


Pretty simple with composer, add:

    require: {
        "dotcommerce/fastentitybundle": "dev-master"

If you use a deps file, add:


Or if you want to clone the repos:

git clone git:// vendor/dotcommerce/fastentitybundle/DotCommerce/FastEntityBundle

Add the namespaces to your autoloader unless you are using composer

// File: app/autoload.php
    'DotCommerce\\FastEntityBundle'      => __DIR__.'/../vendor/dotcommerce/fastentitybundle/DotCommerce/FastEntityBundle',
    // ...

Add DotCommerceFastEntityBundle to your application kernel

    // File: app/AppKernel.php
    public function registerBundles()
        return array(
            // ...
            new DotCommerce\FastEntityBundle\DotCommerceFastEntityBundle(),
            // ...