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NGINX FancyIndex Theme

A prettier theme for nginx' fancyindex module. Further details about this excellent module can be found at the dev's github page.

####NOTE: NGX-FANCYINDEX truncates the file name to 50 characters subtracts 3 and then appends a "..>" to the truncated name. This can be fixed by recompiling NGX-FANCYINDEX after changing line 55 of "ngx_http_fancyindex_module.c":




#define NGX_HTTP_FANCYINDEX_NAME_LEN 500 (or some other number greater than 50)


  • Compile nginx with the fancyindex module.
  • Include the contents of 'fancyindex.conf' in your location directive of your nginx conf.
  • copy the remaining items in your web root under 'fancyindex'.
  • header.html
  • footer.html
  • css\fancyindex.css
  • fonts\*
  • images\breadcrumb.png
  • Restart your nginx server.


  • Mime type icons from Splitbrain
  • Icons default to enabled on large devices and off on small devices like phones.
  • If you'd prefer no icons at all: copy css\fancyindex_NoIcons.css css\fancyindex.css
  • Slightly better handling of mobile CSS click areas.
  • Added HTML5 History for quicker page transitions.
  • This can be disabled by commenting out the script tag in footer.html
  • Fixed CSS issues on older versions of FF


  • If you want your 'Parent Directory/' listing back in your file listings:
  • Read: This Issue