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Game-On (GO) is an educational framework that provides teachers with a vast amount of tools to create their own gamified learning system.

Game-On Documentation

Adobe Education Exchange (AEE) Game-On Group Forum

If you think Game-On could use a new feature or would like to discuss the v3.X versions, refer to the Questions and Observations thread.

If you found a bug or are having any difficulties in v3.X versions, refer to the Game On v3.x Discussion thread.

Currently, (August '17) AEE does not support thread subscription without commenting. If you'd like to recieve updates in any of the AEE threads, be sure to leave a comment. Something as simple as "Hi, following along." will do!

Installation Requirements

Make sure to talk to your web hosting service provider about these technical requirements, if you have any doubts.


Make sure that your hosting service supports and maintains a PHP version of at least 5.3. Ideally, every service would have updated their PHP versions to 7.1, but that isn't a realistic assumption. If the most recent version is not an option, version 5.6 should do the trick.

In order of best scenario: 7.1 is better than 5.6, which is better than 5.3.

If your service does not provide a version of PHP greater than 5.3, please be aware that there are potential compatibility issues due to the nature of the outdated software.


We highly recommend keeping your WordPress installation up to date. This not only ensures that you receive all official security updates and hotfixes, but you'll also receive the best experience when using GO.

Lovingly Created By

Current Authors:

  • Zach Hofmeister

Previous Authors/Contributors:

  • Forest Hoffman
  • Ezio Ballarin
  • Charles Leon
  • Austin Vuong
  • Vincent Astolfi
  • Semar Yousif

For Contributors

Everything you need should be in the wiki.


Adding gaming functionality (experience, currency, levels, quests with multiple stage, etc.) to WordPress sites.


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