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A vue wrapper for the keen slider library.


    <keen-slider arrow-color="black" loop navigation-arrows navigation-dots>

Note: You need to import the css file:

import 'vue-keen-slider/dist/vue-keen-library.css'

All options of the keen slider library are accessible as vue prop.

This library also includes 5 additional props for more easy use:

  1. navigation-arrows (boolean): Enables navigation arrows like in the "arrows and dots" example.
  2. navigation-dots (boolean): Enables navigation dots like in the "arrows and dots" example.
  3. arrow-color (css color string): Changes the color of the navigation arrow.
  4. useParentScopeId (boolean): Use the css scope of the parent component. Useful for styling.
  5. autoplay (boolean, string, number): Autoplay the slider. If you only pass true, the default value will be 3000ms. Autoplay is disabled by default. You need to pass the time in ms.

Further documentation: Component Docs