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SimpleHtml5Editor is just as it sounds, a simple html5 wisywig editor. It comes as a jquery-and-compatible plugin, in fact, it's been built for zeptojs, but should work great on any jquery-compatible libraries.

This plugin is using bootstrap on the demo page, but font-awesome has replaced bootstrap for the icons stuff, working exactly the same way, but cooler and (probably) lighter.

Glyphicons are like a quarter of size this fonts, I'm not sure how compression affect tho (probably fonts are compressed more than the icons), but this fonts have much more valuable icons for this project than glyph.


In coffee/ you've got the lines defining the current buttons, you can add/remove buttons or change its inner looks.

Side notes

This plugin is part of the group of plugins SimpleHtml5Stuffs, wich is part of GrassCMS project.

Note that I'm not supporting older browsers.

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