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I will do my best to help out if your having issues hosting.

★ Ninja ★

Written in discord.js of course

★ Ninja AI ★

Currently unavailable, Updates will be available soon module has been Deprecated untill then.

Bug Reports

If you find any bugs please make a issue so i can look into it and fix it


Made By:

  • ☣ Tσxιƈ Dҽʋ ☣#7308 (me)

Special Thanks too:

will use sqlite instead of jsons to store data (Better this way so it wont currupt if your bot gets in to many servers and is constantly reading/writing data), json is fine for storing static information


First, download all the files and put them in a folder.

Now you need to create a new app at and then need to fill out the bots name and select its avatar then create it. Once done that find where is says Bot and click create a bot user and hit yes, do it

Now you want to go back to bot go to token and click token: click to reveal this will show you the bot token now edit config.json in assets where it says, "token": "Your token" with your bot token once done click save.

Additionally for the token you can use

  • "client.lgoin("YOUR_TOKEN_HERE")


  • process.env

Now you have done that you will need NodeJs installed can get it from so you can start running the bot.

Now right click the folder in an empty space where you put the files in then click open command prompt.

Need to install each of these packages with npm install [packagename] without the brackets and replace package name with the ones below.

Packages Needed

  • discord.js
  • ms
  • superagent
  • snekfetch
  • request
  • request-promise-native
  • urban
  • chrono-node
  • moment
  • windows-build-tools
  • node-gyp
  • canvas
  • canvas-constructor
  • fs-nextra
  • cheerio
  • got
  • sqlite
  • sqlite3
  • mathjs

When done downloading the dependencies, run node Main.js, to start the bot.

If there is a problem or an error please make an issue.

If you want to run this bot while not having the console or terminal open, use nodemon or pm2 (ex. pm2 start Main.js) or just get a host

Free Hosts

  • Heroku
  • Glitch

Recommended Paid Hosts

  • Google Cloud
  • Amazon
  • Digital Ocean


You are free to Edit ANY AND ALL Copyright Notices in the bots Embeds etc but. You may NOT edit ANY of the info provided in the License.


Discord Moderation Bot using SQL & Discord.JS







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