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This is the Stanford Daily website & mobile app! Visit the site at and download the app at Contributions welcome!


# Installation

# Start
yarn start

Open up http://localhost:3000 in your browser.

Mobile app release

For the production channel:

yarn expo build:ios --release-channel production
yarn expo build:android --release-channel production

yarn expo publish --release-channel production

For the development channel,

yarn expo build:ios --release-channel development
yarn expo build:android --release-channel development

yarn expo publish --release-channel development

Deployment to AWS

We use serverless-nextjs-component for deployment. It deploys to a CloudFront distribution.

Setup steps:

  1. Create a .env file with the AWS access key ID and secret access key (you can copy it from sample.env).
  2. Run npm i -g serverless.

Deploy steps:

yarn build

test preview