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The Things Stack Documentation

The documentation site for The Things Stack is built with Hugo. All content is stored as Markdown files in doc/content.

Data for generated documentation like API and glossary is stored in doc/data.

Development Environment Dependencies

The Things Stack Documentation development tooling uses Go and Yarn.

In order to build the documentation site with the right theme, you need to run make deps from time to time. This will install Yarn on Mac and Unix systems if it is not already installed.

Getting Started

Install dependencies and tooling to help you comply with our git style guidelines by running

$ make init

Running a Development Server

You can start a development server with live reloading by running make or make server. This command will print the address of the server.


Hugo accepts configuration parameters specified in config, most notably for baseURL, search, and feedback widget. Parameters can be specified as environment variables, e.g becomes HUGO_PARAMS_SEARCH_ENABLED.

Building the Documentation for Github Pages

The documentation site can be built for Github Pages by running make build.public. This will output the site to public.

Building the Documentation for Internal (Offline) Use

The documentation site can be built for internal (offline) use by running make build.internal. This will output the site to internal.


Please see the style, branch naming, and commit guidelines in CONTRIBUTING

Creating New Documentation

Run make new <path> to create a new documentation section from the template at path. For example, make new getting-started/hello will create a section in getting-started/hello.


See the Release template


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