Library to manipulate tensors on the GPU.
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abergeron Merge pull request #571 from jvesely/cuda_test
pygpu/tests: Skip tests that require CUDA context if the context is not CUDA
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.circleci Adjust path of artifacts. Oct 10, 2017
CMakeModules Add CLBlast support Oct 11, 2016
bin Clean up the cache management script. Mar 30, 2017
conda We don't need git to build. Sep 11, 2017
doc Small doc update Jan 10, 2018
pygpu pygpu/tests: Do not compare gpudata if the context is not CUDA Apr 18, 2018
src cluda_opencl: Use round to nearest even to match cpu version Apr 5, 2018
tests Fix x dtype. Oct 5, 2017
.appveyor.yml Try to only patch VS2008 when required. Oct 10, 2017
.clean adding feature of python clean where it will delete the desi… Sep 14, 2017
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.gitignore Apply workaround to make versioneer work on Appveyor Sep 6, 2017 Fix xunit output. Oct 4, 2016 mac pr remove time nosetests Jul 26, 2017
.jenkins_pr_win.bat win use conda git Aug 2, 2017
.travis.yml Apparently travis needs an explicit version of pip. Dec 18, 2017
CMakeLists.txt Reduce the warning level since -Wextra has too many false positives. Aug 2, 2017
INSTALL Use secure HTTPS URLs where possible May 5, 2017
LICENSE Last batch of renaming. This should get everything that was missing. Apr 23, 2014 Add versioneer for better versions. Sep 1, 2017
Makefile Fix all the compile problems for the cuda stuff. Apr 6, 2017
Makefile.conf.tmpl Fix CMakeLists so that collective check are run with `make test` Jun 23, 2016
README.txt Add readme for github repo. Oct 9, 2014 Add make uninstall for cmake. Jul 18, 2017
make.bat Add a description of the purpose of make.bat. Mar 30, 2017
release.txt Blurb. Sep 14, 2017
setup.cfg Add versioneer for better versions. Sep 1, 2017 Complain when the version could not be determined instead of building… Sep 27, 2017 getting the cmdclass from versioneer, adding the custom clean command… Sep 14, 2017