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Bootstrap ThemesGuide

Open source Bootstrap 4 themes + How-to guide

This project includes all the free, open source Bootstrap 4 themes as seen on ThemesGuide. You can also use the theme builder to easily create more custom Bootstrap themes.

Homepage and Demos

Tequila Bootstrap 4 Theme


Clone this repository or download individual themes as desired. Each theme folder contains a theme.css file which is the custom styles (colors, fonts, etc..) that you can use for your Bootstrap 4 projects. The theme.css file should always follow the bootstrap.css.

<link href="/path/to/bootstrap.min.css">
<link href="/path/to/custom.css">

Additionally, each theme folder contains 3 example layout templates to get your started. Each template has a corresponding template.css with styles specific to each template, but it's use is optional, and unrelated to the theme styles in theme.css.

  • index.html (default)
  • template1.html
  • template2.html

All themes use the latest Bootstrap 4.3.1


©2018 ThemesGuide under the MIT License.