Gamepad C API wrapper for OS X, Windows, and Linux
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Gamepad provides a low-level interface for USB game controller input. Each element on an attached game controller is mapped to zero or more buttons and zero or more axes. Buttons are binary controls; axes are continuous values ranging from -1.0f to 1.0f. The presence and ordering of elements depends on the platform and driver.

Typical usage: Register a callback to notify you when a new device is attached with Gamepad_deviceAttachFunc(), then call Gamepad_init() and Gamepad_detectDevices(). Your callback will be called once per connected game controller. Also register callbacks for button and axis events with Gamepad_buttonDownFunc(), Gamepad_buttonUpFunc(), and Gamepad_axisMoveFunc(). Call Gamepad_processEvents() every frame, and Gamepad_detectDevices() occasionally to be notified of new devices that were plugged in after your Gamepad_init() call. If you're interested in knowing when a device was disconnected, you can call Gamepad_deviceRemoveFunc() get be notified of it.

See Gamepad.h for more details.