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Laravel Airbrake

This is a Laravel service provider for the latest Airbrake PHP package

The service provider will configure an instance of Airbrake\Notifier with an ID, key and environment name.


Require this package via composer.

composer require kouz/laravel-airbrake

For Laravel >=5.5 the package will be discoverd. For Laravel <=5.4 add package to list of service providers in config/app.php


    'providers' => [

Publish and fill out the config/airbrake.php file with your ID and key.

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Kouz\LaravelAirbrake\ServiceProvider"


The variables projectId and projectKey are required. Leave the rest empty to use Airbrake's default values.

    'projectId'     => '',
    'projectKey'    => '',
    'environment'   => env('APP_ENV', 'production'),

    //leave the following options empty to use defaults

    'host'          => null, #airbrake api host e.g.: '' or '
    'appVersion'    => null,
    'revision'      => null, #git revision
    'rootDirectory' => null,
    'keysBlacklist' => null, #list of keys containing sensitive information that must be filtered out
    'httpClient'    => null, #http client implementing GuzzleHttp\ClientInterface

Basic Usage

>=5.6 Custom Channel

Add the custom "airbrake" channel (outlined below) to config/logging.php. Then add the "airbrake" channel to the stack channel.


    'channels' => [
        'stack' => [
            'driver' => 'stack',
            'channels' => ['single', 'airbrake'],

        'airbrake' => [
            'driver' => 'custom',
            'via' => Kouz\LaravelAirbrake\AirbrakeLogger::class,
            'level' => 'error',

Exception Handler

To notify airbrake through the laravel exception handler as shown in the following code snippet. Inject or make a new instance of a Airbrake\Notifier object then pass a exception to the notify function.


 * Report or log an exception.
 * This is a great spot to send exceptions to Sentry, Bugsnag, etc.
 * @param  \Exception  $exception
 * @return void
public function report(Exception $exception)
    if ($this->shouldReport($exception)) {
        $airbrakeNotifier = \App::make('Airbrake\Notifier');


<=5.5 Custom Monolog Configuration

To configure it as a Monolog handler you will have to create a custom configuration in bootstrap/app.php. This callback function is called before the service providers are loaded. So it is necessary to directly use our AirbrakeHandler class instead of the provider.


$app->configureMonologUsing(function($monolog) use ($app) {
    $airbrakeNotifier = (new Kouz\LaravelAirbrake\AirbrakeHandler($app))->handle();
    $monologHandler = new Airbrake\MonologHandler($airbrakeNotifier, Monolog\Logger::ERROR);