New updater for the FlySky Fs-i6
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The FlyPlus 10 channels firmware comes from Dave Borthwick ( ). Thanks to him!

Easy upload:

  • Put your transmitter in update mode
  • Double click on 'run.bat'
  • Wait until upload is completed
  • ...
  • Profit


  • Edit run.bat to suit your needs (see help)


bin\1.2\baseI6_updater -a -u -p path to firmware image file here -c -v


Command line options

Option Parameter Description
-h print help and quit
-bt if image file contains bootloader
-c check flash image CRC before upload
-v verbose mode (pause at the end)
-n number com port number
-b baudrate com port baudrate
-p path path to flash image
-a ___ action to perform :
-a -d detect transmitter
-a -u upload flash image
-a -r reset transmitter

Change Log

[1.2] - 15-08-2016


  • Adding auto detection of the right com port


  • Resolved crash caused by not found com port

[1.1] - 3-08-2016


  • CRC signature check before uploading the image
  • Ability to upload images with or without bootloader (-bt option)
  • Verbose option to pause the execution at the end (-v option)


  • nothing