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Partclone provides utilities to backup a partition smartly and it is designed for higher compatibility of the file system by using existing library.
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Partclone is a project similar to the well-known backup utility "Partition Image" a.k.a partimage. Partclone provides utilities to back up and restore used-blocks of a partition and it is designed for higher compatibility of the file system by using existing library, e.g. e2fslibs is used to read and write the ext2 partition.

Partclone now supports ext2, ext3, ext4, hfs+, reiserfs, reiser4, btrfs, vmfs3, vmfs5, xfs, jfs, ufs, ntfs, fat(12/16/32), exfat...

We made some utilies:

  • partclone.ext2, partclone.ext3, partclone.extfs
  • partclone.ext4
  • partclone.reiserfs
  • partclone.reiser4
  • partclone.xfs
  • partclone.exfat
  • partclone.fat (fat 12, fat 16, fat 32)
  • partclone.ntfs
  • partclone.hfsp
  • partclone.vmfs(v3 and v5)
  • partclone.ufs
  • partclone.jfs
  • partclone.btrfs
  • partclone.minix
  • partclone.f2fs
  • partclone.nilfs
  • partclone.restore
  • partclone.chkimg
  • partclone.dd ...

For more info about partclone, check our website

master branch is NOT STABLE, Please check 'release' branch

Basic Usage:

  • clone partition to image

    partclone.ext4 -d -c -s /dev/sda1 -o sda1.img

  • restore image to partition

    partclone.ext4 -d -r -s sda1.img -o /dev/sda1

  • partiiton to partition clone

    partclone.ext4 -d -b -s /dev/sda1 -o /dev/sdb1

  • display image information -s sda1.img

  • check image

    partclone.chkimg -s sda1.img

For more info about partclone, check our website or github-wiki.

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