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@Thomas101 Thomas101 released this Oct 20, 2016 · 145 commits to master since this release

The mammoth release. This release contains an amazing 212 commits over version 1.3.1 - almost doubling the total commit count. I think smaller releases are called for in the future!

I'd like to send a giant thanks to everyone who's been testing the pre-release channel and reporting bugs. Without all your testing this release wouldn't have been possible!

Breaking change

Windows uses upgrading from 1.3.6 earlier will need to uninstall WMail before upgrading. Not doing this will result in two WMail installs. More information


All the core libraries WMail uses have been upgraded. These include..

  • Updated to chrome 53
  • Updated to electron 1.4.4
  • Updated to React 15.3.2

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Added keyboard shortcuts for prev and next mailbox. ctrl/cmd+< and ctrl/cmd+>
  • Added navigate backwards and forwards shortcuts. ctrl/cmd+[ and ctrl/cmd+]
  • Added cmd+0 accelerator for resetting font size
  • Added the cmd/ctrl+left shortcut like Chrome

Context Menu

  • Context menu now has Paste and Match Style along with a link to the WMail settings
  • Added Copy Link Address to Context Menu


  • Tray icon designer in the settings screen
  • Better tray icon on Windows to improve legibility
  • Option to change the background colour of the tray icon
  • Auto-theming of tray depending on OS theme
  • Fixed tray icon needlessly redrawing updates when there were no updates to draw
  • DPI Multiplier for tray icon for users with 4K monitors
  • Changed Tray menu to have submenus for each mailbox

User Interface

  • Detecting when you launch WMail in an offline state and showing a splash screen rather than a broken WMail
  • Consistent Windows app icon (no more pixelation! Woo!)
  • Changed the layout of the settings screen to use the available screen space
  • Moved Google icon for users who have sidebar disabled and embedded titlebar
  • Removed excess top space from side-menu on linux, windows and when the toolbar is enabled
  • Added Restart button when you change a setting that requires an app restart
  • Added preview of hovered link address
  • Add option to set your own CSS and JavaScript on a per mailbox basis. So if you want everything red... you can have everything red 😀
  • Unread count over app icon for Ubuntu users using Unity
  • Better update dialog and a more robust backend so I can stage the releases
  • Update check always happens daily now. Option to disable this


  • Focus WMail window when clicking on a notification
  • Focus WMail window when clicking on the tray notifications

Other Features

  • Support for 38+ dictionary languages! Bonjour, Hola, Hallo!
  • Added Mailbox Search
  • Added Primary Inbox support for GMail
  • Added option to remove custom account avatar
  • Option to open at startup on OS X & windows
  • Fixed incorrect unread count being shown in some circumstances
  • Option to persist cookies for accounts using SAML authentication & option to nuke data when cookies have expired
  • Added ignore-gpu-blacklist flag under advanced for linux users having rendering issues
  • Added --hidden command line switch so you can launch WMail in the background
  • Downloads now download to a temporary file before completion


  • Fixed sidemenu toggle shortcut on windows & linux
  • Fixed window offsetting to left when switching mailbox
  • Fixed toolbar disappearing on windows & linux
  • Removed Open links in background for platforms that don’t support it
  • Disabled multiple-account menu items when there is only one account
  • Downloads now add the file extension even if the user omits it


  • The packaging script now automatically creates the distribution files for each platform
  • Windows now has separate 32 and 64 bit builds
  • OSX has a brand new dmg rather than just zipping the folder up
  • Windows uses a non proprietary installer
  • Tar linux builds rather than zip for better compression
  • Deb packages for linux


  • Code has been restructured into 3 main packages. The primary package, main app and mailboxes window. Because of this I've been able to remove a lot of dead code that was shipping in the production build. This has reduced file size and decreased build time. Here' some fancy stats
    • Production filesize 17% smaller (164mb to 136mb)
    • 95% reduction in files (9878 to 415)
  • Dependencies have been updated
  • Startup process looks a fair bit cleaner with UI placeholders
  • Moved the database from localstorage to a centralised app database
    • This means data is available throughout the app and database duplication has been removed
    • The main thread has direct access to the data and listens on changes directly
    • The models are now common between the main and rendering thread for reduced code duplication
  • The kitchen sink has been taken out of app.js to make code more maintainable
  • Renamed Google Mailbox to WMail on Google Services
  • Split the GoogleMailbox view to use a common WebView that deals with the nasties of managing its state
  • Refactored the webview injection code to be more modular and extensible
  • Removed multiple instances of dom thrashing in the webview injection code. This should speed up start times
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