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LTE Energy Module in NS3

LTE Energy module is intended to provide a close real time power expenditure of LTE interface in a User Equipment. This makes researches to develop their things solutions with energy module for power optimized proposals.

LTE UE Energy Module in NS3

Our NS3 LTE Enery module is based on the LTE power model developed by authors "A. R. Jensen, M. Lauridsen, P. Mogensen, T. B. Srensen, and P. Jensen". This work is published in "Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC Fall), 2012 IEEE". Power Spent on idle time, Transmission, Reception and combined transmission and reception are counted. Unlike Wi-Fi which can stay in one state at a time, LTE can be doing transmission and reception.


Performance evaluation for this NS3 module is available in

S. T. V. Pasca, B. Akilesh, A. V. Anand and B. R. Tamma, "A NS-3 module for LTE UE energy consumption," 2016 IEEE International Conference on Advanced Networks and Telecommunications Systems (ANTS), Bangalore, 2016, pp. 1-6. doi: 10.1109/ANTS.2016.7947829


Thomas Pasca
Akilesh B
Arjun V Anand